Multi-Family, Commercial, Raw Land & The Tiny Home Movement

#SeekingLand to create communities. Tiny homes are a goal & so are other types of housing such as multifamily, duplex's and commercial properties. Currently looking in Southern California & Atlanta Georgia.

Tiny home


The tiny home movement in the USA is growing exponentially. It provides less of a carbon footprint and creates sustainability, an easier way to gain autonomy. Learning how to grow a garden and live in a tiny home, creates a simplistic easy solution for life. Communities are needed to support this movement and Victory Garden Sanctuary is part of the movement.

And when it comes to multi modal therapy, there is not a better symbolic example of how healing happens, than a seed that must be planted into the earth. The process of growing your own food creates pride, and magic in life. Understand how life and sustainability come into fruition, this is the same action of the healing process. The seed is planted into the dark soil & disappears, this is like crisis, darkness, change. You must have faith that the darkness serves the seed & that the plant will grow. You still have to tend to seed in the soil with watering, and sunshine. The seeds finally cracks open & sends roots deep down into the earth. Still no result being shown on top of the earth but you still must tend with Faith. And then finally the process of moving towards the sun begins to happen, moving towards the warmth.

Each new stage of the plant is an epiphany of change and evolution. Finally the sprout grows its first little leaf and eventually the flower becomes the fruit that finally ripens and can be harvested for sustenance and some saved for seed, a constant state of renewal of cycles. This is exactly how healing works and we believe having this incredibly grounded practice for our guests, will expedite personalized results and solutions.


VGS Supply company

#SeekingLand for Victory Garden Produce Supply Company.
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"Let Food be your Medicine"
Greek physician Hippocrates

Vegetable Garden

Patriotic Food Gardens

Victory Garden Sanctuary 501(c)3 is a demonstration of true patriotic action!

Our goal is to teach the speed and pattern of growth of plants, with 'nongmo seed save,' composting, harvest and food preparation using pesticide free practices. A garden grants those who tend the plants a chance to really be human. People always need real food. ​Our goal is to have enough land to truly feed the community with food & revive this American Tradition!

​By shifting a focus back to natural foods, we can make these essentials affordable for the entire community regardless of income. We are a #FoodisFreeProject

Reviving the Patriotic Victory Gardens  is a defensive act against the National Food Crisis.  Illness caused by lack of nutrition is easily remedied. The entire process of growing food is deeply rooted in human cultures. But today, local agriculture with small business farmers is a dying industry.

The average age in America of farmers is 58 years old! We are about creating interest in the younger generations, jobs in the field of High Tech Agriculture, for sustainable farming for the future.


#SeekingLand so we can foster, board and care for all kinds of furry friends. Animal Therapy is a HUGE part of a healing process. With unconditional love & an ability to sense our needs, making a safe haven for those furry friends who do not have a loving home yet, will provide care for their precious lives, while they provide emotional support for our guests. May all beings be free is 'Ahimsa,' which means nonviolence towards are creatures.

Seeking Land for Summer Programs


We believe every child is worthy & deserves a support system. The vision is to create a beautiful setting in the middle of nature, where summer programs will allow young guests to freely express and discover who they are. Our goal is to give them hope, that they are not alone and have a bright future in front of them.