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Freedom Sanctuary  

a Southern California Safe Transition Home providing opportunities for healing for those escaping human trafficking and cults. Our role is to provide a launch pad for their future by offering a quiet space for contemplation & rest. Along with practical actionable steps to continued therapy and healing modalities,  as well as skills & career education as an entrepreneur or in a survivor owned business.

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The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

Support Our Safe Home Project

Victory Sanctuary Garden (VGS) is on a special mission to help the survivors of trafficking, domestic violence and cults. All three of these types of crime ARE RELATED...

We need your help! Either by making a donation or volunteering which could even be as easy as re-sharing our social media posts to working with us on this mission & the campaign to end human trafficking and cults. 

Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking

Do you need help?!

Are you experiencing violence or being controlled by another person?

Let us know how we can assist and support you during this emergency.



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