Business Plan 2020 - Victory Sanctuary Garden

Updated: May 17, 2020

Below are the phases and high level overview of our organizational needs and positions open to volunteers for the development of the Homestead. 

  • Multi-Modal Therapy Program Standard Operating Procedures &  Curriculum Development Advisory Board; Traditional Psychological Care, Mind/Body work such as Kinetic Body Work, Yoga, Dance Art & Animal Therapy. Alternative Healthcare such as Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Nutritionist, & Scientist in Specialty Fields relating to food/health

  • 'Adulting 101' balance a checkbook, boundaries, body language, to-do lists

  • Vocational Business Programs with in the survivor led nonprofit and business movement

  • Assist in research of land opportunities for Homestead, Realtors, Bank Land Holdings, Private land owners, Tiny homes & housing structures for the Homesteads and/or seeking additional or alternative options for eco-friendly housing

  • Organizing & executing fundraisers online, live events & corporate presentations

  • As an IRS Public Charity we qualify to receive 'bequests, devises, transfers & gifts' such as land, vehicles & monetary donations. Please consult your tax attorney for details.

  • GoFundMe, Bonfire, Fundly, PayPalLive Events: permits, vendors, entertainment, advertising with EventbriteHome Staff SOP

  • House-mom & Staff Medical Staff House Keeping & Schedules

  • Tax Attorney & Accounting

  • Grant Writing

  • Marketing & Advertising to work with Fundraising

  • Webinar TechnologyWeb DesignSharing our posts on social media

  • Vocational Business Programs, offering well rounded training within an operating business. Shadowing training in all departments to understand management: Example: The Produce Supply Co. (dba) 'On Site' Fruit, Herb & Veggie Garden, a Vocational Business Program offering training within an operating business & shadowing training in all departments to understand management, creating produce for consumption by guests and distribution to local businesses

  • Staff ​Needed: ​Horticulturalists, Permaculture & Agriculture Specialist