The Board

Monique Ana is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Victory Garden Sanctuary.  


Freedom Sanctuary Safe home is a program focused on helping survivors move towards full self sufficiency by simultaneously offering business education, career development & financial independence. She knows this formula will help survivors access their own internal guidance system, so they begin to gain clarity on their personal paths towards freedom. Monique was born into the Children of God, an international cult, the eldest of 13 siblings. She is a survivor of labor trafficking. Being able to access therapy programs and self-care, she  had a 17 year long career in the biopharmaceutical industry & graduated from UOR with a BA in Business Management focused on Industry Analysis.


In 2014, Monique began launching entrepreneurial businesses and philanthropic programs, seeking to assist others on their own path out of exploitation. She maintains her HHP credentials for Hypnotherapy & a master in Reiki with the International Board of Coaches & Practitioners (IBPC).

LaVaughn Hall is the founder of the nonprofit organization free coalition Inc. FCI, which is an active resource for emergency assessments and placement for victims. The goal of free coalition Inc. is to have a safe home providing safety for survivors of sexual exploitation and Human Trafficking. She worked at San Diego youth and community services teen pregnancy program for at root risk female youth and was a counselor at Phoenix House a program for youth addicted to drugs.

LaVaughn was born in New York but has lived in San Diego where she became a survivor of much trauma. She has always believed in giving back to this population, because she knows that those experiences do not need to define a persons life or future. With help support in guidance survivors can overcome their past and not be ashamed of it. And in fact they can use that strength to propel themselves forward to their greatest dreams, aspirations and achievements.

Kimberly Tyler has a keen sense of wellness being trained in Nutrition, behavioral studies, & after life care. She obtained certifications in aromatherapy, compassion fatigue and as a life coach.


Kimberly attained a BS in Biology and Zoology at the University of Kentucky and enjoys a career of animal health and wellness in the veterinary industry. Kimberly's success in animal markets as well as human comes from her wide careers passions. 


Kimberly is focusing on land investments & the wellness programs for Victory Garden Sanctuary. As a top performing account executive and manager Kimberly combines her sales, marketing and business development expertise to successfully navigate industry networks to reach key influencers, expand market share and promote synergy across business lines.

Jodie Albitz has been a business person since she was very young. Creating a cleaning business as a teenager, running a grocery store produce department & going to trainings to expand her understanding of the industry. Now she runs an online business with her husband. 

Her social media, marketing, sales, customer service & management skills are what brought her to our team. 

Understanding what it is like being a young person in 2021, she is able to offer reflection on how the programs that are developed, roll out. 


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