Financing & Fundraising 
Calls to Action

We are actively investing into these GOALS:

1. Reach victims in imminent danger through targeted Social Media messaging & triage to a Survivor Led Emergency Response Team. 

2. Raise awareness of prevention for our youth with strong hopeful messages, connecting to Survivor Leaders success stories...

3. Raise volunteers, ready to begin their mission, by finding a way to start the movement NOW.

4. Offer Ongoing Emotional Resources & Business Support for the Survivor Leaders

FREE COALITION INC Registered Guest House (6 bed Solution)

Securing BEDS in our number ONE GOAL

Daily care, Long term goals, & building trust are the step to Transitioning to financial freedom.


Ending the National SHORTAGE OF BEDS one sleep at a time

Our Sanctuaries will not only be a safe bed, but a 'Center for Excellence' displaying a model for full life solutions to raise awareness. A bicoastal model, is a program that will facilitate true recovery and restart on life for our guests.

We are actively seeking property in the Southwest & Southeast United States to offer safe homes, quickly.  

Real Estate Researchers, Investors & Agents needed to secure Properties